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“We all sometimes take the simple items of tackle for granted, bivvy pegs being a prime example – They go rusty, they bend and they often hurt your hands when you push them in. Imagine then a set of pegs that alleviate all of the above problems, not only that, you only ever buy them once, unless of course you lose them. I recently got hold of a set of Top Notch Tackle’s stainless steel bivvy pegs, and have got to say, they are the best quality pegs that I’ve ever seen or used. Precision made using top quality materials, thanks Dave, I won’t be losing or forever replacing these.”


Lee Jackson


“One of the most taken for granted items of tackle we use is the humble bivvy peg …. Yet without it we would be left shelter less . Most bivvies are supplied with plastic Topped T pegs which are I am right in saying completely useless… When I received my order from Dave Woods of his fabulous stainless pegs my wishes came true … Long enough and as strong as you’ll ever need . No more bent pegs and hurt hands when the plastic slips. A must have item in my opinion . These will outlive any bivvy / brolly system . Available in different lengths as well.. Thank The Lord for Dave Woods stainless pegs …”


Ian Russell


“Most of the pegs if not all supplied for modern bivvies are the same, you know the type the sort where the plastic head dislodges from the main metal peg the same ones that always seem to bend when you encounter hard ground or gravel when you are forced to stand on them to get them into the ground, I find it annoying and always felt like I would like a stronger bend proof decent set of pegs for sorting these problems out, well Dave from Top Notch tackle has manufactured just such a product, bespoke and hand made in England and made entirely from stainless steel, these are strong, reliable and available in three different sizes, although I prefer the longer versions, the shorter ones have many uses such as bungying rod pods down to aid stability and securing guy ropes ect, they are a tad heavier than the cheap bendable ones you get with all current bivvies but a few ounces extra weight for a product that will last a life time is a small price to pay, I like them and recommend them.”


Frank Warwick

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