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John Jones

I started fishing as a lad over my local river for trout and chub, this progressed to sea fishing which I spent 25 years at catching some good fish around the coast. After giving up fishing for 10 years I started working with a few guys that went carp fishing and after putting up with all the carp talk for a few years at dinner n break times I decided I knew so much about it now I may as well give it a bash. I started out on a local runs water getting to grips with making rigs different baits untill I got the bug I decided to fish an urban venue 5 mins away from me known as the concrete jungle aka Cardiff Wharf. It took me a good 6 months to catch a carp but it payed off with my UK pb to date just over 25 pound mirror known as the pig after catching a few others I moved to another venue the birch syndicate where I fish till this day with a few stunning fish from there. August this year I decided to travel to France to fish etang des royals where I got top rod for the week with 13 carp and 2 pb’s a 38 pound common and a 51 pound mirror living the dream

Dale Woods

my name is dale woods i am a keen angler from barnsley i get on the bank as much as i can between work and my family life i have been fishing since i was a little lad mainly match and river but for the last 4 year my passion has turned solely to carp i have fished waters up and down the country but have now turned my attention to my 2 syndicate waters next year will just be the one water where i am chasing some stunning scaleys and absolute chunks

Lee Dutton

I’m a member of lake windrush syndicate, and fish local lakes cefn mably and white springs. P.B. is 32lb mirror and 31lb 11oz common. I try to get out on the bank when I can. Taking great pleasure in introducing new anglers to carp fishing.

Lee Pratt

I have fished all around Bedfordshire and places in France but last few years have been match fishing due to not having much time to be able to do a lot of fishing. I have now gone back into fishing for certain species and my aim this year to catch a double figure bream, 4lb perch and 6lb chub later in the season. The fish in the picture was from a small lake in the Isle of Wight, very spooking fish and had not done a fish for 6 weeks before we turned up, fished a total different approach which is what I am best at and had this 33.07 and a 27 over the three days I was there. I am privileged to join a fantastic brand and I will be adding as much as I possibly can.

Kev Gourley

49 years wise, Live up in Lincolnshire, Mechanical Engineer, My current syndicate is Nuddock Wood, Uk pb mirror 44lb 8oz, common , 36 lb10oz, French Pb 67lb 8oz, I have fished most of the great syndicates in Lincolnshire, however Nuddock is a very hard water to crack, and I spent most of my fishing time helping others get out on the bank with Forces Carp, 

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